Travel John Disposable Resealable Urinals
Travel John Disposable Resealable Urinals

Travel John Disposable Resealable Urinals

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Travel John Disposable Resealable Urinals. The Travel John is a resealable, disposable personal urinal for men, women and children for times when a restroom isn’t available. Patented LIQSORB technology absorbs liquid waste quickly and completely, converting it into an odorless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and waste disposal safe. The unisex adapter allows anyone to use it, sitting or standing. This safe and effective urinal is ideal for sportsmen, travelers, boaters, campers, backpackers or trekkers. Carry one in your glove compartment it’s great for “emergency’ situations. It’s functional and practical, compact and easy to carry and stow. Package contains three bags, each with an antiseptic wipe included. Features: Leakproof–gels instantly Resealable and reusable until full Impact resistant/industrial strength materials Hygienic Odorless Designed for men, women and kids Non-toxic Biodegradable and waste disposal safe Compact and lightweight Easy to use while sitting or standing Can be used as a vomit bag for motion sickness Item Specifications: Capacity: 28 oz. (800 ml). Travel John Disposable Resealable Urinals


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