TFO Voo-Doo Daddy Boat Casting Rods
TFO Voo-Doo Daddy Boat Casting Rods

TFO Voo-Doo Daddy Boat Casting Rods

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TFO Voo-Doo Daddy Boat Casting Rods. Designed by legendary Capt. Rob Fordyce, the Voo-Doo Daddy series of rods feature spinning and casting configurations in 30, 40 and 50-pound class. Equipped with machine anodized aluminum locking rings, aluminum gimbals and matching blue thread wraps these rods have the backbone and fish fighting capabilities to handle any salty quest. The 7-foot, 30-pound class models come in both a casting and spinning configuration. These rods feature TFO’s proprietary, Tactical Series guides. Tactical Series guides are machined stainless steel inserts which are super-hard chrome anodized then swaged into a chromium-impregnated stainless frame. What does this all mean? Super hard, super slick; braid safe, saltwater safe guides which are 30 percent lighter than standard SiC guides. The 40-pound class rod comes in a 6’6” configuration and feature reverse roll-over guides along the blank. The 50-pound class model comes in a 6-foot configuration and features the reverse rollover guides, and a roller tip-top guide. The deep roller design provides adequate knot clearance for all manner of salt water knots. TFO Voo-Doo Daddy Boat Casting Rods


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