Shewee Extreme - Aqua
Shewee Extreme - Aqua

Shewee Extreme – Aqua

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Shewee Extreme – Aqua. Shewee is a portable urinating device which allows women to wee whilst standing and without removing their clothes. Used for many years by campers, climbers, skiers, walkers, festival goers and those stuck in traffic jams, Shewee is now a must have accessory for the everyday woman too when using a dirty public toilet. Many women will ‘hover’ to avoid actually sitting on the seat altogether. Without realising you have not have emptied her bladder completely and will almost certainly re-visit the toilet before too long. Shewee allows women to urinate standing, in the privacy of their own cubicle. Using Shewee means you will not be bending the urethra, which causes some urine to be left inside the bladder. It’s this urine that can become the cause of infection. Shewee Extreme – Aqua


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