Lymeez Tick Gaiter
Lymeez Tick Gaiter

Lymeez Tick Gaiter

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Lymeez Tick Gaiter. Less ThanstrongGreater ThanLymeez Tick GaiterLess Than/strongGreater ThanLess Thanbr /Greater ThanKeep your feet and legs protected from ticks with the Lymeez Tick Gaiter. Thanks to active release Ixodicide, ticks are repelled, allowing you to work to your full potential outside. These tick gaiters are odorless, and they feature a stretch mid-section for a comfortable, secure fit. These gaiters can be worn on pants or bare legs, protecting your legs from ticks. Thanks to cuff top and bottom, you get a secure fit, ensuring these gaiters don t come off while walking or running. They can be worn comfortably below the calf. Keep ticks away with ease with the Lymeez Tick Gaiter. Lymeez Tick Gaiter


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