Cleanwaste Portable Toilet
Cleanwaste Portable ToiletCleanwaste Portable ToiletCleanwaste Portable ToiletCleanwaste Portable ToiletCleanwaste Portable Toilet

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet

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Cleanwaste Portable Toilet. You’re serious about leaving no trace behind when you car and canoe camp, or perhaps you’re just not particularly stoked about crouching and losing your balance while taking a crap in the great outdoors. We’re pleased to present the Cleanwaste Portable Toilet. This plastic toilet unfolds from a briefcase-sized block into the same height and bowl dimensions as a standard toilet. A removable mesh holder supports the waste-collection bag, and the biodegradable bag uses eco-friendly powder to turn liquid waste into an odorless solid. The lid protects the seat during the night and removes for stability under the legs when you set up on soft ground. * Includes one waste-bag kit. Cleanwaste Portable Toilet


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